Symphony No. 5 is a composition written by Ludwig van Beethoven. It is one of the best-known classical music pieces, and has inspired numerous compositions, such as Beethoven's Last Night and Beethoven's Five Secrets.


Skater Nation Discipline Program Choreo. Season Notes
Evgenia Medvedeva Russia
Flag of Russia.svg
Ladies Short
  • Eteri Tutberidze
  • 2008-2009
  • 2009-2010
Joshi Helgesson Sweden
Ladies Free
  • Susanne Seger
  • 2008-2009
  • 2009-2010
Kaitlin Hawayek / Jean-Luc Baker USA
Flag of the United States.svg
Ice Dance Free
  • 2019-2020
Stefanie Pesendorfer Austria
23px-Flag of Austria.svg
Ladies Short
  • 2013-2014
  • 2014-2015
  • Skated to a modern arrangement
Evgeni Plushenko Russia
Flag of Russia.svg
Men Exhibition
  • 2003-2004


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